Case Study: Renault

See how we helped Renault create a brand storage solution for asset management, saving them time and money globally

Renault eSharing
Significant savings per campaign
Reduction in time to distribute files to market from five days to just 48hours
20% of agency team's time saved, allowing them to focus on tasks with more added value

In 2007, the first creative library was set up to help Publicis manage creative assets from its Renault account more efficiently, allowing the agency to distribute masters to local markets as well as store and archive local adaptations. The result? Significant savings per campaign, time to distribute files to market reduced from five days to just 48 hours and over 20% of agency teams’ time freed for tasks with more added value.

Based on that success, Renault turned to Market Forward in 2011 to bring together all of its marketing assets. Renault eSharing was built for above and below-the-line assets, including print, broadcast, digital and internal communications material. eSharing allows both brand and agency users to search, preview and share assets from new campaigns, build reels and stay informed about work in progress. It also provides master files for local adaptation and publicizes best local practices. All that, across no less than 45 countries!