Is coordinating worldwide campaigns and projects for your global brand a nightmare? Have you ever thought how inefficient those numerous spreadsheets were to build work lists? Are you always worrying teams around the world are using the latest list to make their updates? Are you not always even sure you’re using the latest version? Do you struggle getting everyone to use the same tabs and terms to make tracking easier? Have you ever wished you could attach files to the tabs or dreamed of being able to archive past inputs for future reference? 

We created BrandReport so that work lists are no longer a headache. BrandReport is a shared work list that allows you to keep track of the status on all your projects in a single place, securely and in real-time.

Keep track of all your projects in a single place
Access updates in real-time
Control access and create user profiles
Customize your work list to meet your exact needs
Attach files and archive projects
An online shared work list to keep an eye on all your projects in a single place and in real time

BrandReport Features

  • Create the tool that fits your exact needs: choose your own tabs, add drop down menus or calendars and use your own colors and logo!

  • Preview all your campaigns and projects thanks to your home page dashboard.

  • Find projects easily with the search engine.

  • Activate notifications according to your needs.

  • Link work-in-progress files to designated fields and download them whenever you need to.

  • Archive your status history.

  • Generate reports in PDF or Excel formats.

  • Keep your data safe and create user groups with different usage rights.