Are you tired of writing the same brief for adaptation again and again? Do you find it hard to know where your project is going in terms of delivery and cost? And as result, do you worry that something, somehow, somewhere, will have been left out?

That’s why, we created BrandTracker, our web-based solution that simplifies the management of creative projects by allowing you to work with your agency partners online from creating a brief and getting a quote to tracking your work’s progress right up to delivery, thanks to comprehensive dashboards.

Initiate a Brief
Track your projects
Review and approve work in progress
Edit report and statistics
Store campaign files and documentation
New BrandTracker 3.0

BrandTracker features

  • Create briefs online for creative and production Jobs

  • Store campaign-related work files

  • Follow a project approval workflow

  • Review and approve work online.

  • Edit Reports And Statistics

  • Track projects and progress on one single screen