Is retrieving your most recent creative work a constant struggle? Are your marketing assets always stored in different places? Is keeping your marketing community updated difficult? Is sharing high-resolution production files across teams a problem? How do you protect your creative assets? Do you have real-time access to local production?

We designed BrandVault, our web-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, to address precisely those issues. BrandVault allows you to safely store, search and share creative and marketing assets. 

Access assets from anywhere
Control access to assets
Share large files
Share your ideas
Store, search, preview, order and share your creative assets in a secure place.

BrandVault Features

  • Upload, store, share and archive multiple types of documents: print, video or digital assets, masters or work files such as projects, guidelines or strategies.

  • Create and publish presentation reels made from assets in the system.

  • Store high-resolution material, for easy retrieval and future adaptation.

  • Quickly and efficiently search and preview assets online.

  • Publish content (images & videos) to external sites or applications.

  • Download the right assets for your need (with on- the-fly format conversion capabilities).

  • Manage permissions and rights for different user groups: set up and control access to the system, specific functionalities or groups of assets.

  • Access key information about each asset.